World - God willing, everything will be all right; there is nothing to be afraid of Хорошие предложения для хороших друзей

Случайная английская пословица:

Бог не выдаст, свинья не съест

God willing, everything will be all right; there is nothing to be afraid of ~ Never say die. Touch wood; it's sure to come good. Hope for the best. That never ends ill which begins in God's name # Whom the Good Lord a hand lends, no one in the way stands.

- Я опасаюсь, почтеннейший Николай Николаевич, чтоб не вышло для вас какой-нибудь неприятности, -Заметил Денис…
- Бог не выдаст, свинья не съест, - весело и беспечно отозвался Раевский. (Н. Задонский. Денис Давыдов)

"I certainly would not like something unpleasant to happen to you, esteemed Nikolai Nikolaevich," said Denis…
"Never say die and hope for the best," came Raevsky's jolly and carefree reply.

- Бог милостив: солдат у нас довольно, пороху много, пушку я вычистил. Авось дадим отпор Пугачёву. Господь не выдаст, свинья не съест! (А. Пушкин. Капитанская дочка)

"God is merciful: we have soldiers enough, plenty of powder, end I have cleaned out the cannon. Perhaps we'll manage to repulse Pugachev. As the saying goes, whom God a hand lends, no one in the way stands."

* Теперь, узнав о том, что его друг решил возвратиться к матери в Панциревку, Карпушка сообщил Михаилу, что вернётся вместе с ним и попытается помириться с Меланьей.
- Поехали-ка, Михайла, в самом деле, домой. Бог не выдаст - Меланья не съест. (А. Алексеев. Вишнёвый омут)

When he learned that Mikhail had decided to return home to his mother in Pantsirevka, Karpushka said that he would go back with him and would try for a reconciliation with Melanya.
"Let's really go home, Mikhail. Whom God a hand lends, no one in the way stands. And Melanya won't."

* - Всё исправно? - Горючего полный бак и бидон. Запасные два ската. Слабое место - мотор. Изношенность порядочная. Но, как говорится, господь не выдаст… (К. Федин. Необыкновенное лето)

"Everything in order?" "A full tank of gas and a reserve tin. Two spare tires. The motor isn't what it should be. Badly worn. But as they say - God willing…"





The Conventional Designations and Signs:

1. Brackets in combination with different letter types in the Russian title units. For instance, Бабушка (Бабка, Старуха) (ещё) надвое сказала (гадала), where the words Бабушка надвое сказала are the saying in its basic form. The words (Бабка, Старуха) given in brackets, are the variants of the basic component Бабушка; the word (гадала) is the variant of the basic component сказала; the word (ещё) is an optional component of the saying.
2. Description (in English) of a proverb's/saying's meaning is given in italics, e.g.: Бабушка (Бабка, Старуха) (ещё) надвое сказала (гадала) Nobody knows whether it is so or not, whether it will happen or not.
3. = is put before an English monoequivalent e.g.: Аппетит приходит во время еды = Appetite (or The appetite) comes with (or in, while) eating.
4. ~ is put before an English analogue, e.g.: Близок (Близко) локоть, да не укусишь ~ There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip; or before an English antonym, e.g.: Скоро сказка сказывается, да не скоро дело делается (Contrast: ~ No sooner said than done).
5. ^ is put before a descriptive translation, in which components of an English proverb/saying or an English set-phrase is used, e.g.: Воду (в ступе) толочь - вода (и) будет ^ Beating the air is just beating the air. (The translation is made by way of using the English set-phrase "to beat the air".)
6. :: is put before such a descriptive translation as does not convey the image of the Russian proverb/saying, e.g.: Чем дальше в лес, тем больше дров:: Complications begin to set in.
7. # is put before such a descriptive translation as conveys, partially or in full, the image of the Russian proverb/saying, e.g.: Чем дальше в лес, тем больше дров # The farther into the forest, the thicker the trees. The deeper into the wood you go, the more timber seems to grow.
8. * (the asterisk) is put before those illustrations of the Russian proverb/saying's use where it has undergone an occasional change and/or participates in a stylistic device, e.g.: * Во-первых, как вам известно, вопреки пословице, брань на вороту виснет… (Ю. Герман. Я отвечаю за всё)
Firstly, because mud has a way of sticking, as you probably know…
9. Ср. is a sign of reference informing the reader that the site also contain number of similar Russian proverb/sayings, e.g.: Бабушка надвое сказала Ср. Это еще вилами по воде писано.

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